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Rise and Shine!

Rise and Shine Haiti, October, 2016

All is well here!!! God is doing amazing things!!!! He is raising up young people (10 and 11 year olds!!) to run services for His glory! So sorry I am not including pictures! I am having difficulty uploading and sizing them😩

Please feel free to visit my Facebook page Nina Zaragoza to see beautiful pictures and videos of all that’s happening at Rise and Shine!

God bless you and thank you for your prayer and financial support!❤️️❤️️❤️️

Rise and Shine! October, 2016 Haiti https://www.facebook.com/nina.zaragoza.1/posts/10154596553926823

Light on the Hill-Haiti

Greetings from Port au Prince, Haiti.  I am doing well in Christ and amazing things are happening with the ministry.

God provided me a house for a year right in the middle of a wonderful urban neighborhood in Port au Prince.  The ministry (Rise and Shine Ministries) is  varied. We have English classes for children and for young men where students learn English through worship music and the Word of God. I thought I would be working more with moms and babies in a nursery setting but not yet! He has sent me beautiful young men who even come each Friday for Bible study!

We also have a children’s service (called Light on the Hill-Haiti) each Saturday in Kreyol. The children are leading worship and preaching!!!

On many Saturday nights we show Christian movies and we have had a prayer meeting with the women in the neighborhood. We are praying that some of the moms and young men will be called

to help us with various aspects of the ministry.

The ministry happens in the house I live in. I feel that God will provide me another place to live and this house I’m in now will be a school/community center with a library/movie theatre, etc. Where my guys could also be employed to run it. So we will see how God provides.

He is so faithful!!! He has blessed me with amazing neighbors who care for me and watch over me. I feel His angels all around and I watch in amazement how His light is shining in this neighborhood!!

I thank you all for your financial and prayer support!  What a privilege to work together with you for His kingdom!

Much love in Christ,

Light on the Hill…Pune and Light on the Hill…Haiti: United in the Spirit!

Hi Everyone! I pray all is well. God has given me a house to start ministry. Hallelujah! So as I begin to launch Light on the Hill-Haiti God reminds me of the vision. I’d like to share this again with all of you so that we keep His vision for this work foremost. He reminds us always, of course, that it is not by our might or power but by His Spirit. The foundational scripture for Light on the Hill is Philippians 4:8. This is especially paramount in the area of discipline. (See blog www.riseandshineministries.com for more details on discipline)

When God directed me to begin Light on the Hill He said that “the children will lead and their families will follow.” Praise God we see this being manifest. While we begin with the children Light on the Hill is modeled after church structure and not a traditional children’s Sunday school model. Praise God the name of Jesus is lifted up. He says, “Feed my children the Word undiluted and let them come to me by the power of my name and the Holy Spirit. They are my church.” Praise God so many of our children are baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. The heavenly blueprint that God speaks for Light on the Hill is: 1. Worship/prayer–including spontaneous prayer in the Spirit. 2. Testimonies/Rhapsody of Realities reading. 3. Living message from the Holy Spirit 4. Prayer for each other. 5. Fellowship/snack

Because Light on the Hill moves in the power of the Holy Spirit the fruition of the vision will be manifested as a church gathering including children and their families/adults who receive the new life of Christ in them. Indeed, the baptism of the Spirit unites us all, no matter what age, to worship the King and manifest His glory.

We continue to impart the Word of God in Spirit and in truth and in the power of the Holy Spirit there will be amazing signs and wonders in this season of Light on the Hill Pune and Light on the Hill Haiti! Children will be healed, they will have dreams and visions and they will exhibit the gift of prophecy! Hallelujah!

Light on the Hill:Haiti!

Hi Everyone!

I am in Port au Prince, Haiti and God has provided me a house that should be ready in about two weeks!  It is right in the middle of a village and right next to a school where I will begin training teachers next week.   Please lift up the programs that will begin in our “Rise and Shine Community House”  including:

  • Light on the Hill Saturday program
  • English classes for children and adults
  • Adult literacy classes
  • Mom and babies group
  • Weekly Bible studies
  • Preschool program

Join me in great excitement and high expectation for all that the Lord will do for His people here!  That His light will shine for all to see!

Pictures to follow soon!

Light on the Hill! Questions and Answers from Pune, India

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for asking me questions!  As I respond please remember that while there are certain foundational principles we will speak about there are no set recipes to follow.  The Holy Spirit guides us and He is our master teacher.  See these responses through the eyes of the Spirit and remember that when God gives us a blueprint from His kingdom it does not resemble the ways of the world.

  • What are important ground rules to give and to repeat/reinforce to the kids and whenever new kids that join our gathering? 

The foundational scripture, as you know, is Philippians 4:8.  One thing that could be done is consistently declare this scripture at the beginning of each session.  What needs to be remembered is that helping members (including adult volunteers) to internalize this foundation is a process.  Just as adults need to be encouraged through positive, consistent reminders children need this as well.  Do remember, that adults need to follow and model the same kind of interactions expected of the children and need to be held accountable to them as well.

Remember, too, that Light on the Hill, is set up from a community/church perspective.  That means we are all in one community and not separated from each other.  With this in mind, children can help with responding to each other’s positive interactions. (“Akash, look how well Manju is listening.  Tell her thank you!”)  Notice I am not using the word “ground rules” because it is more about on-going interactions not isolated rule-making.

  • How do we respond to kids who show behaviors that are non-cooperative, disruptive, violent, or mean using the Philippians 4:8 approach?  Please include what we do when the behaviors continue or escalates despite right response to them? (keep in mind some of the kids are part of a day care headed by the owner of the house that we meet at)

Let me start with this before I forget.  I would rethink using the word “kids” for our children.  You know how important and powerful our words are.  “Kids” actually gives a subtle sense of condensation.   Notice that I do not use the word “kids” but instead “children.”  In fact, we are all one community and we need to continue to find words that unite community and not separate.  We are all children of God not matter how old or young!!

Also, notice that I rarely use the word “behavior”.  We cannot be reduced to specific behaviors.  We are complicated, wonderful creations of God and so when certain things occur we need to examine entire interactions/ways of being/heart issues to really be a positive influence on the people in our community.

I would encourage actually a reframing of the question asked.  This question comes from a negative standpoint versus the positive interactions we need to encourage and support.  Yes, it is a shift in the way we see and think.  So let me help reword the above question:  “How can we help children to interact in a cooperative, peaceful and caring way?  How do we respond to maintain this kind of atmosphere?”  Do you see the difference?

Again, there are no magic recipes.  Remember so many of these interactions have been so part of our children, their families, and our society.  It sometimes takes a bit of time to help them see God’s way!  Make sure that Philippians 4:8 isn’t just to be used when you see a “problem.” It needs to permeate the atmosphere and your hearts.  See the strengths of each child not their deficits. Before the children even sit in the circle, shower them with words of love and with physical embrace.  The second they sit in the circle respond to them in a positive way.  Keep it up consistently and at a quick pace, one positive comment after the other, as each child comes to sit.

“Wow, thank you Dilshad, you came in and sat down immediately!  I love your beautiful smile!  Help your friend next to you sit nicely.”

“I am so glad you’re here, Suraj!!  We missed you!”

“Look at Malan helping her friend.  Let’s all give her a hand!  Thank you Malan!  Raise your hand if you are going to help your friends today.  Good!!”

All adults need to sit in the circle with the children to reinforce that we are all one community/church. Your physical presence in the circle also helps children to interact positively.

The more disruption shown the more positive attention this community member needs before negative interactions become manifest.  Help the children also comment on positive behavior.  If something negative occurs during conversation time look at a community member that is doing the opposite and recognize them.

“I see that Kamal is giving me eye contact when I speak.  Thank you, Komal.  We will wait for everyone to give me eye contact.  Oh, good, Raju, now you are looking at me!  Thank you!”

Notice, it was Raju who needed to give eye contact (do you see here that I didn’t say what Raju wasn’t doing but what he needed to do—this is Philippians 4:8, as well)  he was guided through our recognition of someone else giving eye contact and then recognized when he did the same.  Please make sure that each community member is held accountable to eye contact, raising hands, etc.  Take time to wait (As you are positively recognizing) until all are ready receive.

Asking an older child to leave the community because of disruptive interactions is a very sensitive matter.  This should only be done for absolutely extreme situations.  We are here to love and guide the children.  It is imperative that we do not blame the children but ask God for His understanding and wisdom in showing His unconditional love.  Think about church.  Do pastors ask anyone in the congregation to leave during a service?  Usually not.  Perhaps if there is a member that is disruptive an usher might go to them, guide them to another area, and then pray for them individually.

Sadly, many teachers often have their favorites and tend to give them more positive attention, call on them to respond more often, etc.  They also have students which they expect to be disruptive, etc. and often give them the bulk of the negative  to attention.  This, of course, is not the way of the Kingdom.  God has no favorites and, in fact, loves us all.  He expects us to treat His little ones and each other the same.  Examine yourselves and how you are interacting with each community member.  In this way you will help to ensure that all members feel loved and cared for.

Continue praying for them, laying hands on them, and praying for the filling of the Holy Spirit.  Declare words of love, prosperity, health, joy and peace over them.  God’s Word works and will be of effect in their life.  Have faith in God’s work in them.  No matter what you see with your natural eyes know that God is working.   Look at the children (and each other) with your Spiritual eyes.  Pray for God’s vision for each child and see it when you look at each child.  Remember Gideon—God called him a valiant warrior when he was still cowering in the wine press.

  • How do we BE good models instead of just using methods to get the kids to do what we want (manipulative)?

Read the Word, declare the Word, walk the Word in your life!!!  Think about how you interact in your family, with your friends, with neighbors, with strangers?  Are you speaking words of life, words of love?  Think about how you speak to yourself and about yourself?  Is Philippians 4:8 in effect in your own life and mind?  Renew your mind with the Word as you declare it and walk in it.  Look at each and every member of the Light on the Hill community with eyes of the Holy Spirit who lives within you!!!

  • How do we engage kids of different ages in one fellowship so they learn to be together?  Can you address if their parents or other adults start to join us in the gathering?

Light on the Hill has always followed a church fellowship model—not a traditional Sunday School model.  It is set up to be a real church for children (and later their families) who haven’t consistently experienced church.

Therefore, model after any Spirit-filled church and include:

-spontaneous prayer

– praying in tongues

-worship (teach action songs after service to possibly be used for following week)


– a living message.  (The message could actually be the same Word Pastor gives you to pass on to Light on the Hill that same week.)


-once a month(at least) communion

-limit repetitive prayer only to the confession or group declaration.

-After church service fellowship, games and snack (Though as time goes on and with inclusion of families games will slowly be dropped and more time for fellowship and individual prayer).

  • Can you again summarize main parts of the vision for “Light on the Hill”?

As noted in the previous question, Light on the Hill was created to boldly preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to children.  God clearly directed me to begin with the children He sends and then open it up to their families and the larger neighborhood.  “The children will lead their families to me.”

From its inception, August, 2013 the schedule above has been set in place and, Praise God, has been moving in the power of the Holy Spirit ever since.

  • What do you mean when you talk about not “lowering” the quality of doing church/message/worship for children? How do we check if we are lowering or not lowering the quality/standard? 

The standard is not the standard of the world and what we traditionally think children can and cannot do.  If we walk by sight and not by faith then what’s the point?  We can because we serve a God for which everything is possible!!!

We keep the vision that God has in mind—a community that worships Him in His Spirit, truth, authority and power—and keep moving toward that vision whatever the circumstances or challenges.  We keep declaring that vision over Light on the Hill and it will manifest.  God wants this work to explode and it will as we partner with Him in faith and in the knowledge of His vision.

Remember, that he Holy Spirit is the same Spirit in all of us—no matter what age, what kind of homes we come from, etc.   How do we check whether we are at the standard of the Holy Spirit?  By His presence and His power!

“Jesus is the Light of the world!” Light on the Hill! Dec, 2013

Very busy month!! New games, puzzles, books20131130_123219 20131201_100856 20131214_110916 20131216_180326 20131216_180359 20131216_183243 20131207_131835, church at Pune Faith Community, English lessons!  Wonderful!  One day we had no electricity and one of the girls said, “That’s okay, Jesus is the light of the world!” Amen to that!!

ALL in the name of Jesus–Light on the Hill! November 16 and 18 2013

Many things happening at Light on the Hill! this week–Saturday and Monday! New games, reading, church service with Pastor Moses and his wife on Saturday. Then worship, Word and English lesson with Leom on Monday! All in the name of Jesus!


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